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eneral secretary of the serie

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implement the important speech Xi Jinping, general secretary of the series, especially in the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of five Plenary Session of the important actio nike zoom kobe 8 cheapn taken important speech, will be laughs at himself first clear-cut position is the wind Su Ji, resolute attitude to clean house and to prevent the "lamp black" ton output capacity determination to take their surgery, follow the "blacksmith need Hard own "belief, strengthen team building, and strive to build a loyal, dedicated, hard work of Internet governance Iron.According to the National Network Information Office of the person in charge, cyber-extortion delete posts and paid serious violation of state laws and regulations, serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests, serious damage to the network communication order, serious damage to the network management and network media image, seriously disrupt the socialist market economy order, has an impact on "cancer" and cyberspace healthy economic and social development of the "haze", the community suffered, hated, reflecting strong. The idea will be the rule of law rectification, resolute attitude, fierce offensive, effective means to fight a war of annihilation line, resolutely close down a number of illegal websites, social networking accounts, straighten out a number of irregularities local channels, and severely punish group of illegal public relations firms and intermediaries, to punish a number of criminal gangs and criminals, to clear the network extortion and paid to delete posts that network hazard.In order to implement the four departments jointly remediation work requirements, the State Council Informatization Office network since the beginning of the special 



work, but two levels while advancing: one led by the network in the letter sector, Unitel director, public security, radio and television press and publication department, focusing on News sites, business sites, illegal sites, social networking accounts and online public relations company to carry out, for a period of six months; the second is the leadership of the National Network Information Office under the command of specialized departments at all levels and for the network channel network in the letter the team to carry out a period of three months . In the special rectification, the State Council Informatization Office net four departments will also explore new management means to establish long-term mechanism to consolidate and enhance the effectiveness of governance in unremittingly.Reporters from the Information Office located in the National Network of "cyber-extortion delete posts and paid" special rectification Coordination Group Office learned that rectification will be adhering to "open the door to do remediation," the idea to the public telephone hotlines and websites to send someone on duty 24 hours warmly welcome the   nike lunar hyperdunk 2014 saleactive participation of the masses and full supervision. Do report information processing will be strictly confidential, and resolutely crack down on running wind leak, and in the case of self-serving acts of retaliation against whistleblowers, informants eliminate worries that people dare to report, willing to report it. China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center opened a special network of extortion and pai



d delete posts reporting area, announced a six reports focus on the establishment of incentives to report the maximum award of $ 50,000. Hotlines is 12377, reported at a DPP "Chinese Affairs Commission," the 21st-city exchanges and discussions through resolutions, recommendations deliberate Kaohsiung city and county, "the two sides team" approach, the establishment of mechanisms to deal with cross-strait affairs, and then through the county to discuss joint governance platform to share information so that cross-strait affairs become a common topic counties continue to contribute to promotion of peace and stability in cross-strait exchanges of high quality.According to the DPP "China Affairs" director  after relaying, DPP Chairman Tsai Ing-wen speech at the meeting pointed out that cross-strait relations to be future-oriented, with the times. DPP must take responsibility to actively seek nike zoom kd v online consensus in Taiwan society, expand public support handling cross-strait relations. DPP to promote cross-strait relations in the future there will be "three favorable" and "three sticks."The so-called "three advantages" must be in favor of "national freedom and democracy and development", conducive to regional peace and security, stability and mutual benefit is conducive to cross-strait exchanges. "Three adhere to" adhere to government decision-making must be fully democratic and transparent communication process must adhere to diverse participation and equal opportunities must adhere to safeguard public interest and exchange the results of social 

University Shenzhen Hospital

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 contribute to human organs, and all the effort for coverage of breaking news media people.In order to avoid triggering a network of water army more inferior malicious speculation, pure disturb the dead, adding relatives unnecessary grief; and to let Yao Beina relatives not to disturb public opinion, the Shenzhen Evening News decided to fully respect the dead and dead relatives, select Yao Beina After the memorial service, officially announced through the entire interview.For the sake of a comprehensive, objective, fair, Shenzhen Evening News newspaper other than the parties to the core formulation, using only publicly reported third-party content and argument.The parties to respond to reporters after the incident restore key questionsAt 16:55 on January 16, 2015, Yao Beina died.After receiving the message, the Shenzhen Evening News editors, photographers Zhao Qing, Li Fei text reporters have rushed to the hospital from a newspaper interview (Note: Shenzhen Evening News from Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, just across the street), the other party, photographer Chen then rushed to the hospital at 18:00. Comes  nike lunar hyperdunk 2013 saleweekend, Chen did not take out the camera directly to the hospital. ICU ward was a large number of reporters waiting to interview.17:40, Huayi Music held the second conference, Zhao Qing, Li Fei, Peking University Shenzhen Hospital Building at the conference site interviews. Conference site officially released Yao Beina corneas donated news. After the conference, dozens of reporters from around the country have rushed to the Peking 



University Shenzhen Hospital, first floor, in the operating room as a temporary morgue waiting outside the cornea removal surgery begins.19:20 Xu, Shenzhen Evening News 3 reporter saw in the hallway for the implementation of the cornea removal Yao Beina surgeon Dr. Yao Xiaoming. Thereafter fact occur as follows:No candid remainsShenzhen Evening News editorial board, international and domestic news photography winner Zhao Qing: I was with a big SLR camera, a look is the media reporter, how candid  We do not need to shoot the body remains, no shot this picture may appear in newspapers and on our website, which is a common sense. In Shenzhen, the media reporters to enter the hospital morgue or what operating room to shoot it, shoot the body during surgery or donate solemn funeral scene, which is not a rare thing, in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Evening News is not a do over. Such shooting both domestic and international. Because we usually shoot bow doctor, farewell, flowers lens. The first one is the first in Shenzhen, the country donated corneas were unpaid - to Chunmei, and many remains of donors, we are so taken. Tribute to the nike lunar blazer online  deceased doctor picture release glorious dead humanity, promote social positive energy. Over the years this practice affects a lot of people added to the donation of human organs. Shenzhen's first eye bank was established, and the introduction of China's first transplant organ donation regulations, the results are public service who, donors and many media effort. If you know the importance of donated corneas would not doubt I should



 not at the scene, I suspect that the conduct of shooting. I am also a photographer with years of experience.There is no "white coat camouflage medical staff."Zhao Qing: When we met Dr. Yao Xiaoming, his hands raised several things, still holding a bouquet of flowers. Because the working relationship corneas donated news shot, I cooked and Dr. Yao relatively little, other reporters also know him. Most media reporters Yao Beina now know to prepare surgery, but in general there will be a relatively long time to wait for the remains of makeup. I asked Dr. is not going to surgery. He said yes. I said that many reporters were waiting outside. This is basically a courtesy.He took so many things to see, we will easily help him hold. He held the flowers, go all the way to the operating room. We  nike air foamposite one cheapwill follow him. Yao Xiaoming operating room door was asked three people doing this, Dr. Yao said that to help him get things. We just entered the temporary operating room. The whole process we were wearing normal clothes, but also carry a camera. Where to find white coats to deliberately disguise. If the family or the doctor this time let us avoid, we certainly will go out, and we need it sneaky it All parties to exercise restraint before and after surgeryZhao Qing: Inside, three miles away to see inside the room. Temporary operating room in the middle of a very open. Yao Beina only important relatives and Huayi company most people were in the room in two.Dr. Yao Xiaoming entered the scene to concentrate on the work in preparation for surgery, and Yao Beina flowers on the body, 


deputy director of the functions

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 Industry Group Co., Ltd. Party discipline inspection group of the discipline of Supervision)China CITIC Group party: strengthen property transactions, bidding, capital lending, brokerage and consulting key aspects of internal controlJanuary 19 morning, the CITIC Group party held by the assistant general manager, deputy director of the functions (or more) party cadres and members of party committees subsidiary Beijing within the party (total) branch secretary, participated in the study and implementation of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of five-eighth Plenary Session of the spirit of the General Assembly, the General Secretary Xi Jinping learning convey important speech and Comrade Wang Qishan work report.Group party secretary and chairman Chang Zhenming chair and implement th  nike zoom kd v cheap e Plenum proposed five requirements, it is necessary to learn to communicate quickly organized. This unit combines real honest government, strengthen the research thinking, new ideas, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important speech made to implement the new requirements to work in unity of thinking to do, raise awareness, to guide practice. Second, the Party committees at all levels should conscientiously implement the Commission for Discipline Inspection honest government, the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities. Party secretary as the "first responsibility" and should promote clean government as a matter within the real in their hands, on his shoulders, to ensure that the responsibility to implement. Third, we must talk about the rules of discipline. Engage in gang gang group, do not participate Association, Alumni Association, colleagues and other activities; not good at making proposition, ultra vires act;



 not four inquire about the news, spread gossip, talk recklessly irresponsible prohibited; various divisions, subsidiaries leaders Whether because of the public private weekdays or holidays, as long as the left Beijing to go out, be in charge of leading the group to report to the Office of the record, the other members of the team must report to the leaders. The fourth is to strengthen the supervision and control of power to run. Strictly implement the "triple a big" decision-making system, strengthen property transactions, bidding, financing loans, consulting and other key aspects of intermediary internal control, act in strict accordance with the rules and procedures. Fifth, we should pay close attention  nike lebron soldier 8 shoes   to the spirit of the implementation of the provisions of the central eight. Spring Festival is approaching, we must always taut against "four winds" This string does not relax. Non-public funds, travel, gifts, entertainment, golf and Gongjusiyong not violate the official reception, the relevant provisions of operating expenses, not lavish weddings and funerals, with excellent excellent style had a happy and peaceful, Delicate gas is the festive season Recently, there has been about the "Shenzhen Evening News reporter disguised as medical personnel to enter the university hospital morgue for Yao Beina corpse inhuman to shoot" and other malicious rumors and relate this event false statements in microblogging, letters and other social networks, these elements are ulterior motives After processing and packaging is widely spread, Shenzhen Evening News's 



reputation caused by very bad influence, has been suspected to affront, libel, slander and other means, reputation infringement of Shenzhen Evening News. For such fabricated, distorted false information, Shenzhen Evening News reported today published a clarification, and solemnly declare, to set the record straight.According to relevant laws and regulations of the State, manufacture, spread rumors must bear the corresponding legal responsibility, so please spread and forward personal and media-related rumors immediately take the above false information removed, shield, broken links and other necessary measures to stop the abuse, recovery reputation, eliminate the impact. Shenzhen Evening News reserves the right to pursue legal liability related personnel through legal channels, and has commissioned Guangdong security firm to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of this incident Shenzhen Evening News of law. Shenzhen Evening News correspondent parties, the parties doctors, Yao Beina father, the hospital statement afterAt 16:55 on January 16, 2015, well-known singer Yao Beina at Peking University Shenzhen Hospital (hereinafter referred to as "Peking University Shenzhen Hospital") died. Shenzhen Evening News interview regarding Yao Beina donated corneas, causing network media nike kobe 9 sale   storm. The storm first in the fermentation media since after the initiation of Internet marketing and web account navy sustained massive hype and malicious attacks, exaggerated rhetoric, false information to mislead public opinion and the language of violence.Several days of malicious speculation completely shifted the focus Yao Beina corneas donated owed, but also deeply hurt the positive contributions that philanthropy for health care workers to

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